Sugarshock: Online Comic by Joss Whedon and Fábio Moon

is a very funny (and very playful) 3-issue comic (Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3) by Joss Whedon and Fábio Moon, made available on the web.

What I like most about Whedon’s work is how his characters all really seem to have their own distinct (and quirky) personalities. And of course, the dialogue drew me in right from the start. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but quickly found myself reading through all three issues in short order.

Even if you’re not into comics (or aren’t familiar with Whedon’s work), give Sugarshock a whirl. It’s a short, quick story… and a lot of fun, to boot. [via]

// Edit: Small note from the future. Looks like the link redirects to some kind of MySpace page. The comic is still there and available online, but you’ll have to get to it using the navigation at the bottom of the page. Annoying, and it looks like they’ve broken it apart into multiple sections… but it’s all there.

Still though – worth reading, despite the annoying hoops to jump through.

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