UNIQLO_GRID: Simultaneous Multi-User Logo Game

Question: What’s the best way to get your logo to repeatedly appear in front of a potential customer, and have them stare at it for minutes on end?

Answer: Create an online, multi-user “game” where people from all over the world simultaneously tweak multiple instances of your logo.

It’s a little weird, and more fun than you’d actually think. Check out Uniqlo Grid.

I think this is a particularly ingenious marketing campaign. The “gameplay” itself is fairly straight-forward, and even without reading the directions… you can still interact, and see a response for your actions. There’s no real language barrier at work here, and the presence of other users provides a constant state of change that forces you to keep looking for new logos to modify.

The sound work is pretty spot-on, and really well done as well (albeit slightly annoying after about 5 minutes).

I’m a fan of this type of promotion/marketing – the interface itself is what’s compelling here, and it’s what draws users in, it’s what makes this potentially viral. The logo and promotion? Secondary. But since it’s ever-present, it’s still working. Brilliant stuff.

Too often, companies will favor the sledgehammer approach to marketing: large logo displays,, flashing lights, a constant battery of all the products/services they offer coupled with the reasons why you need their products/services.

In my opinion, the best campaigns are often the ones that present their intentions indirectly. This particular approach is so subtle, and so well done… I just love it.

Interesting sidenote: I recognize the company’s name from an FWA award (Jun 17, 2007) they received for Uniqlock, a weird clock/video thing that I’m still not sure I entirely understand.

To see more about what the company’s about, and other neat areas of their site… check out the “Information” button at the bottom. [via]

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