Wrist Problems, Wherein a Splint is Involved

Ever since I went bowling around Christmas, my wrist has been feeling a bit weird. Beyond weird, actually – hurting is probably more accurate. At first I thought it was sore, but I began noticing things like how hard it was to retrieve my wallet, how difficult it was for me to write.

Every day since, my wrist has improved… albeit ever so slightly. I’ve been fine with this slow progression, but it still troubled me that the soreness/pain has persisted for a week plus. At Liz’s urging, I finally went to the doctor this morning, to have an actual professional look over my wrist.

I figured, it it was broken… I’d know. But the main worry was that the pain was due to some other thing, like a repetitive stress deal, or carpal tunnel. After a quick once over, my doctor thinks my wrist is sprained (and slightly swollen), but didn’t see the need to do an x-ray. He told me to go and buy a wrist splint, and to take two Advil, twice a day.

I’m usually the kind of guy who has a “it’ll get better on its own, I’ll wait it out” attitude. So hearing this sort of confirms that particular apparoch. But it was still nice to hear an actual professional opinion. Anything that feels bad or off for a week plus is probably grounds for going to get a professional opinion.

On the way to work, I passed by the nearby Raddison hotel – and remembered my evening there, when I had my overnight sleep study to see if I had sleep apnea. I wonder if that room is still has leaky windows.

This is the guy I purchased for my wrist. At times, I don’t know if it’s making things easier or worse, as I have to make unnatural motions to perform certain tasks… which ends up making my wrist feel a bit more discomfort.

All day today, I kept looking down and thinking… this requires mocking. I felt like I was wearing some kind of fancy shmancy glove, and that the appropriate thing to do was to be made fun of for wearing this ridiculous contraption.

But then, I couldn’t come up with any good method of mocking. All I could come up with was “Hey there… Wristy…. McWristerson. Nice… wrist.”

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  1. Dude, I felt totally stupid when I had to wear a wrist brace for several weeks. I, too, was told to take naproxen. I was not a believer in either at first.But I soon discovered that the brace gave my wrist extra support at times I hadn’t even realized I wanted it. I would think, Hey, that really does help. And as for the pills, nothing else made the pain stop, not even ibuprofen which is usually the best one for me. But those sure worked. Just one at a time wouldn’t cut it, but two did. Would knock it out for the whole day.After maybe a month? I can’t remember how long exactly, I stopped wearing the brace. I kept it around just in case — still have it, in fact — but I haven’t needed it since.As my dad used to say, “Do your body a favor.” It’ll thank you by not hurting you later.

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