Dear Senar Kamal, I Have Your School Supply List

This morning, while walking to work with Liz (we take the Blue line to the Jackson stop, and walk over to the Red Line exit)… I walked by a folded piece of paper. I stopped, turned back, and picked it up. Here’s what I got:

Not terribly exciting or funny, but I thought it worth posting here.

I remember, from a Found Magazine event, that Davy Rothbart mentioned once that his brother determined the mathmatical ratio of “great” found items to “ok” found items. The concensus was that one out of five found items is positively spectacular… which sound like pretty good odds to me.

What jumps out at me most is that, in a sea of scientific textbooks… Senar Kamal has decided to carve out a little space for music. I think that’s pretty great.

Looking over this found list, I’m reminded of the found list near my apartment that turned out to be a music review, and of all the fantastic finds from Found Magazine.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go groom my face.

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