Finally, My Useless Trivia Knowledge Begins to Pay Off

Liz and I were at Dick Blick’s on North Ave a few days ago (Liz was looking for a portfolio thingy, to store all her loose papers for bookbinding). As we were shopping around, a guy got on the intercom and started throwing out movie trivia questions to all the people in the store. Anyone who could answer his question got a prize.

At first, I was only half-listening. His first question was: Name two movies that feature both actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez (brothers, incidentally). Almost everyone offered up Young Guns, but no one could get the second. Oh, and for the record, he wasn’t accepting Young Guns I and II as two separate movies.

More than one person thought that Red Dawn was the answer, but only Charlie Sheen was in the movie. Close, but no Emilio.

I knew there was an old 80’s movie involving them as trash collectors, but couldn’t get the name down. Trash Men? Garbage Men? Turns out, the answer was Men at Work.

As we were checking out, the guy got on the intercom again and posed another trivia question: Who was the actress who supplied the voice for Jessica Rabbit (who was not actually a rabbit) in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

I yelled out “Kathleen Turner,” and got one of those “We have a winner!” yells. Pretty nifty, as we got a nice prize right as we were checking out.

On the right is the portfolio case that Liz got for her papers. On the left is the portfolio case that I got as a prize, for answering the question correctly.

Small world, eh?

And hey Kathleen? If you’re out there and reading this, this is me saying thanks, babe. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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