On the Way to Work: Heavy Snowfall

We got hit with a ton of snow yesterday, which lasted through the entire night. This morning, on the way to work… I stopped to take a few photos en route. I don’t think the snowfall amount was a record breaker, but it was definitely the most we’ve had so far this year.

Outside my front door, the bushes were pretty weighed down.

This was by my front yard. You know it’s bad when the snowfall fills in the gaps between the fence tips. When taking this photo, I was reminded of an evening back in 2005 when I went in to Chris’ old apartment for a game of poker… and came out to see the whole neighborhood covered.

Across the street from my building, looking back. After trudging a short distance, I decided to wait around for the bus rather than plow my way down California.

While waiting at the bus stop, I spied someone who was quite possibly the laziest person in the world. This guy scraped off just enough snow for the windshield… but didn’t bother clearing any off the hood. I have to imagine that they couldn’t have seen very much with that small wall at the base of the windshield. It’s like driving with a mini snow fence in front of you!

I was laughing so hard, I barely got my camera out in time.

Same car, view from the rear. Let’s look past the fact that they ignored clearing off the back window… and just celebrate their brushing off the passenger side window.


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