Last Valentine’s Day Revisited: rr chocolats

A week or so ago, I got an email from someone named Sonja. Turns out, she works for rr chocolats, and came across my blog entry from Valentine’s Day, 2007.

She was looking for mentions of the company’s chocolats, and wondered if she could post up our “story” on their website. After saying yes, I asked for her to let us know when it would be “up” on their site. On Friday, I got an email back saying it was posted (click on “Stories” in the nav, top right).

As a “thank you” to us, for letting them use the story, they’re going to send some free chocolates our way. Score!

I’m saying this now, not because we’re getting free stuff, but because it’s good stuff: If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, check out the different collections over at rr chocolats. Last year, Liz and I had a lot of fun not only eating the chocolates… but talking about the chocolates as well.

rr chocolats is a small two-person operation… and based right here in Chicago. I’d love it if I could somehow send more business their way, especially now that it’s pretty much chocolate season next week.

Looking at shipping costs, regular ground seems to be the most cost-effective… but two day seems the most realistic, given the big day is coming soon. If you’re in Chicago, you might be better off trying to find a store that sells them direct. I originally got mine at Artisan, in the Merchandise Mart. But it looks like the chocolates are also available at places like The Goddess and Grocer and Binny’s.

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