Valentine’s Day, Continued: Lincoln Park

The view from our window during the daylight was pretty spectacular. Our room overlooks the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is literally steps away from the hotel’s front door.

Also visible: the nearby Chicago Academy of Sciences and Notebaert Nature Museum.

A zoom of the frozen lake.

A little gift Liz got for me, as a Valentine’s gift. Can’t wait to watch it!

After checking out, we stopped in to a nearby diner for some food (Golden Cup, 2351 N. Clark Street). It was pretty standard fare, but the pancakes were pretty delicious. We had a nice, relaxing meal and were relishing the fact that both of us had the day off today.

Of course, we couldn’t be this close to the Lincoln Park Zoo and not actually go. So despite the cold, we headed over to see if we could catch a glimpse of the polar bears and the seals.

It was an interesting experience, to be in the underground section on a Friday morning. There were only a handful of people around in the zoo itself, due partly to the cold and partly to the day I guess. Just stading there and watching, it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

Doing the backwards glide…

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