I Got Mentioned on BoingBoing!

For most of the day, I was buried in meetings. When I finally got a chance to lift my head up, it was circa 3PM. I was coming out of Mike’s office, and Chris walked up to me, stuck out his hand, and said “Congratulations.”

He then showed me his computer screen, and my jaw dropped.

Turns out, I got mentioned on BoingBoing! This was totally out of the blue, and after the initial surprise wore off… I was walking around, beaming for the remainder of the day.

I guess my pi10k experiment got listed over at Notcot, and that led to folks seeing some of my other experiments.

I can’t tell you how tickled I was to see this. And it’s even sweeter since I already got mentioned once before on BoingBoing, for my Astronaut project. It felt a bit like winning the lottery, twice.

This all lessens my original snubbing from BB, a few years back for my Operation Costume. :D

Originally, the post had my site spelled wrong… so I wrote in and mentioned the typo. And since the post was linking directly to the Virus experiment (sitting on the most bare bones of HTML pages), I also mentioned my newly created experiments page, which had a lot of context/backstory. And looks a smidge better.

I got a pretty nice note back from one of the BB authors, Mark Frauenfelder, updating me on the corrections and asking me to keep him updated on my new projects. How awesome is that?

I can’t tell you how flattering it felt, to be linked up like this. BoingBoing is one of my favorite sites, and part of my daily browsing habits. It’s one of the most popular blogs out there, and it’s exciting (and daunting) to think of all the eyes that peruse their pages… potentially, in turn, perusing mine.

I always see a huge spike in traffic whenever I get mentions like this; my big hope is that each time, I’ll entice a few visitors to stick around, browse the blog archives, and either bookmark the page or grab the RSS.

For those of you visiting from BB, here’s a few teaser links. And here’s hoping you find enough around these parts to warrant another visit:

The Postcard Machine
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The Vending Machine Challenge
The Top of the Merchandise Mart Building, Downtown Chicago
Meeting Mr. T
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  1. I came to this site through that BoingBoing post and have indeed grabbed the RSS! Like BB said, a wonderful site!

    pete Reply

  2. I came here via Boingboing. Been looking around and have concluded that it is indeed a wonderful site. Currently have the Pi experiment running in the background.

    Yreka Reply

  3. yep, i found you via bb and added your feed to my reader. better stay interesting! ;)

    christopher Reply

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