Old Table, New Table

Liz has undertaken a new project this week: refinishing the dining room table. She’s technically on Spring Break, and has had her eye on re-doing the table for some time now.

For those who may remember, we found this table during an Estate Sale on the same day that I moved to Logan Square. And for $30, no less!

I’ll be posting progress pics, as the table work continues…

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  1. ….is that a STRIPPER sitting on your table??

    kim Reply

  2. Fun blog. I know it’s really old news, but I’m curious about the rest of the ‘dining room table refinishing’ story…care to share?

    Kathleen Reply

    • Hi Kathleen – looks like you stumbled across one of the earlier photos of the table. Here’s a link to the finished table. I should really go back and add in some kind of tag, so that all the process/steps in between can be found in one spot.

      avoision Reply

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