Liz’s Dad Visits

Liz’s Dad was visiting this weekend, and spent some time hanging out with us in the city. He was staying with Tricia and Darryl, but came in in the late afternoon to talk and catch up some.

Normally, we trek over to Kansas City for an early Christmas, but it’s nice to reciprocate the hospitality when we’re able.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of the visit, as we mostly just sat around and talked. Liz and I got to see some nice video of Isabelle and Jackson’s birthday parties, along with some great video of the new house they’ll all be moving to (in under a week, no less).

All three of us walked down to the Square and got some dinner over at Lula’s. We arrived just as the dinner rush began, so we were sitting over at the bar for a little while.

Liz and her dad were doodling a bit, and she showed me how her dad taught her to draw a rabbit – a good skill to pass down.

Edit: I was searching around for the official Lula Cafe site, and stumbled across this Check, Please! review. There’s a dedicated Check, Please! website (complete with video reviews) up and running? Wow!

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