Good Keywords, Not So Good Keywords

While going over my stats and referrer logs this morning, I happened to see two keywords that were used to find my site via Google.

As of right now, it looks as though I show up on the first page if you use astronaut as a keyword. Wow!

Slightly less exciting, if you use constant sweating as a keyword search, I also show up on the first page. And closer to the top, to boot.

Win some, lose some, I guess.

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  1. this is wonderful. I want to own such phrases on google.

    ben Reply

  2. Astronaut as a Google front-pager, that’s a serious testament to the power of Avoision!(And even if it looks like it, that wasn’t me Googling “constants, variables, and sweaty astronauts”.)

    TS7 Reply

  3. “Sweaty Astronauts” is definitely part of the long-term goal. Gotta keep reaching for that rainbow!As an aside, I just noticed too that I show up on the front page when doing a Google search for How I Lost My Virginity.Everything is moving according to plan!*tents fingers*

    avoision Reply

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