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Slow news day over here, so I’m going to offer this up: anyone who posts anything in the comments will receive an automatic pass-through.

Short of outright spam or pr0n, have at it! Self-link, tell me about your portfolio sites, your side projects, etc. Tell an entertaining story for us all to hear (bonus points if you can work in either an astronaut or how you lost your virginity).

This will be interesting to see. I’m not certain who all is out there reading this, so my open invite to comment might turn into Tumbleweed Town.

While I can’t set the entry to automatically post anything that’s submitted, I’ll try to authorize any comments as fast as I receive them. Think of this as me taking a day off, and putting the work on your shoulders.

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  1. I just found out today that my wife is pregnant. We are both young (mid twenties) and aren’t ready for a family (yet). I don’t think I’ll be able to get much accomplished today.Cheers.

    Michael Reply

  2. I can’t top a pregnant wife, but…I run a site called Elephant Words, in which every Sunday, one of six contributors posts an image, and then every day from Monday to Saturday, each contributor takes their turn to write something based on it.The idea is, I think an awesome one, and as a person who doesn’t often have ideas that are brand new and awesome, having it was kind of like losing one’s virginity. Only, you know, less awkward.We just need more people to read it and feedback to us. I think my co-contributors, who are doing excellent work, deserve more love for their efforts.The site has little to nothing to do with Avoision, beyond a similar attitude to sharing awesome, and I’ve failed to find an astronaut reference that would work, but there you go. The site is here: for the free pass. Hope the dang link works, now…

    Nicolas Papaconstantinou Reply

  3. I’ve got a pregnant wife! We’re actually due in 3 weeks, she’ll be our second kid. Don’t worry about feeling ready, I doubt that anyone ever does. We certainly didn’t with our first, even though we’re more mid-30s. A year from now you’ll wonder what you ever did before having a baby, and why you waited so long.

    Alex Reply

  4. PS. Felix, I’m going to make you help me set up commenting over at my blog.

    Alex Reply

  5. I wish I had a pregnant wife.

    Anonymous Reply

  6. Some girl here in Portland misses her old pal, Felix, while recovering from a bad MVA that flared up her chronic pain. Wishes more of her close friends were around for support, but hopes all is well in their world. -J

    Anonymous Reply

  7. I teach 7th grade science to inner-city kids. We’re currently studying nutrition. Today, the topic turned to fiber and I began talking about constipation. One of the lady students said in a loud voice, “Is that why Katie be getting constipated all the time? She …” I had to cut her off because Katie wasn’t there to defend herself.When I did have Katie in the 8th period, she spoke up as soon as I mentioned constipation, saying “That happens to me all the time…” I informed her that her friend had earlier launched into a State of Katie’s Bowels speech earlier in the day, but that I had cut her off out of respect for her. She laughed so hard I thought she was going to poop.

    DanF Reply

  8. Hello to everyone – folks I’ve never spoken to, folks I’ve not spoken to in an overly long time. I hope you are all well, and that tomorrow finds you all better than today.I am currently at home, unwinding from the day, sipping on a martini I made over an hour ago. I’m watching flashes of lightning outside my window and listening to distant thunder. Less than a minute ago, a crack of light made me start in my seat.Right now I am thinking of technology, I am thinking of distance. I am thinking of all of you, strangers and friends alike. Stay warm, stay strong, stay safe.

    avoision Reply

  9. Hello – I believe I am a day late in posting what I am doing, but I like what I’m doing so I’ll post I suppose. I am not a pregnant wife – I am an architect (in training) donation my time and services to Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church in Logan Square. The church received a grant from the MacArthur Foundation to develop in conjunction with Voice of the City – an Arts Alliance group in Logan square, community “programming” in an effort to create a center for the Arts in Logan Square at St Luke’s Church. We are also working with the Center for Neighborhood Technology-CNT; to address energy savings issues for the church.In two week’s we’ll be getting as many volunteers as possible to paint the classroom spaces – a project budgeted from the grant money received, and in the coming months we are looking to rehab the 100 + year old original sanctuary of the church that has remained unused for the last 30 years or so.good luck to us!

    Pamela Reply

  10. I have nothing interesting to post.Don’t have a pregnant wife though. Don’t have a wife. Or a girlfriend. Or anyone in the semblance of a girlfriend. Besides, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend (if I had one) to be pregnant for i’m still a minor.

    Yreka Reply

  11. I’m late too, but if it’s not too too late, I’d like to share my (somewhat) daily cartoon with you all. It’s called Cargopants Karl and Sue, and it’s at It’s not usually about virginity, astronauts, pregnancy, or even churches. But it’s not impossible that one day it could be about bowels or martinis. This week it’s about bowling.

    jim f. Reply

  12. I got engaged today!

    liz Reply

  13. Felix! That’s fantastic. Congratulations to the both of you.Between Matt & Mel, Kate and I, and now you two – I’d say that the Chicago 12s crew is representing pretty well. :DAll the best!

    Liam Strain Reply

  14. Congratulations! The ring is really beautiful too, good job!Did you tell grandma yet?

    Your Cousin Ellen Reply

  15. Hi! I’m not sure what path led me to your blog, but I like it! I’m a bookmobile librarian from northern Utah, and I was just in your fine city a couple of weeks ago, hanging out with friends and going to see the Boredoms (a cool Japanese band.) I took a few photos along the way. Please feel free to visit my Flickr page at if you’d like to see them.Thanks for posting the Merlin video. I love that guy! Hilarious and keepin’ it real, international nerd style.

    Shawn Econo Reply

  16. Congratulations! I am so happy for you both. And the ring is positively divine.

    Clare Reply

  17. Wow, your family in League City (home of many astronauts, “Houston, we’ve got a problem”) is so excited for you both! You just have to give us plenty of time to plan to get there for a wedding (I am assuming it will be in Chicago???). Maybe I can finally get Billy to Chicago! The ring is absolutely beautiful. Jenny, Madonna and baby Kellen are all here and we spent yesterday roaming the Texas hill country in search of bluebonnet patches and antique stores. Had lunch at a fabulous home-style restaurant, Royer’s, in Round Top. Everyone is happy and doing well here. We miss you!Love, Aunt Debbie

    Debbie Reply

  18. I know my comment sounded a bit dire and unwelcome, but truth be told… I’m really warming up to the idea. Despite still being really scared, I know everything is going to work out amazingly well. I just needed an anonymous venue for my inner turmoil.PS: Congrats on your engagement!

    Michael Reply

  19. Wow – a week after, and still a few comments coming in. Who woulda thought? Thanks for the well-wishes and congratulations everyone!And Michael – I’m glad to hear things seem to be more positive on your end. I wasn’t expecting any closure, but am delighted to hear the updates. I’m happy to be able to provide the anonymous venue; I hope the inner turmoil has lessened, and will continue to do so hereon out.

    avoision Reply

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