James Walks Me Through His Walkthroughs

Yesterday, I happened to walk by the small meeting room and saw that James had set up shop inside. On closer examination (he called me in), I got a closer look at the setup: a sweet Blue Snowball USB mic, and two laptops in front of him.

The Snowball was from home, and was something he used when he did podcasts a while back. Like Phil, James is someone who used to be a Radio DJ (a Jock, if you will) and has some considerable experience behind a real, honest to goodness radio microphone.

It’s still cool to me that, even though we’re primarily an Internet/Tech company… we still have folks on our team with strong roots/experience on the Radio side of things. While most, if not all, of our clients are Radio… it’s to our advantage to have guys like Phil and James on the public-facing Affiliate Team, who can readily relate to all the pressures and priorities of the Radio Industry.

James was going through some of our admins on our CMS, and recording some walkthroughs. In part, this was for our clients (we’re trying to move towards video as our primary form of documentation). But it was also in preparation for our whole new website relaunch.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to link up to our fancy new site and our fancy new training videos. Stay tuned!

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