Dinner with Dipti and Jeff

I got a late email from Dipti, letting me know that she and Jeff would be in town this weekend for a conference. We kept in touch mostly via phone today, and ended up deciding on dinner at Rustik, which is close to the apartment.

I declined to let Dipti know about the recent news, and didn’t let the cat out of the bag until the drinks arrived. I made a toast “to married couples,” and then announced that Liz and I were engaged.

Dipti’s reaction was pretty fantastic – a lot of excitement, a lot of surprise. I have to admit – keeping my mouth shut and then letting loose the news was a great deal of fun. I hope I get more chances to do this, in the near future.

It’s been a little while since Dipti and Jeff last visited. Tonight was a nice, relaxing dinner – lots of chatting, lots of catching up. After a pretty full week at work, spending time with friends in a low-lit restaurant, eating, talking and sipping drinks – this was a great way to herald in the weekend.

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