Wedding Planning: So It Begins

Liz and I went to Borders today, and started to talk a bit more about the big day. We looked into a lot of travel books, trying to get a sense of where we might want to go for the honeymoon.

So much to talk about, and to plan for. As you can see, a few reference materials were acquired from the bookstore. :)

We’ve started making lists, and Liz has a few folders made for things like locations, dresses, cakes, etc. In total, a wedding seems like this ginormous thing that has so many facets… it’s at times difficult to fully comprehend how to even start.

For the moment though, Liz and I are trying to break things down to specific steps/tasks, which helps. Rather than try to figure out how everything will work all at once… we’re trying to give ourselves weekly to-do items, and just take things slowly, step-by-step.

For all you married folks out there, I’d love to hear any advice or warnings you may have. I’ll be hitting up my married friends in particular for advice, but I’d love to hear more about anyone else’s experiences. If you had it all to do over again, what would you do over? And maybe more importantly, what would you avoid?

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  1. We’re still working on ours. It’s a long process, but ultimately – a good one. You learn a lot about the person you’re planning to spend your life with, while in the throes of deciding who’s allowed to come to your party, and drink on your tab. ;)If you haven’t already, I recommend looking at – it’s a bit annoying about the countdown, but it does have good checklists and things that are easy to lose track of. Best of luck mate!

    Liam Strain Reply

  2. Hi Felix!I have LOTS of advice, if you want it. :) But the main things I would say are:1. Be really clear on what photos you want taken – it’ll be the last thing you’re thinking of on the day, but the most important thing (other than the marriage, obviously) after the day.2. Remember not to get too caught up in what the magazines and websites tell you you NEED – really think about what is important to you & Liz, use the mags and sites as a resource, and ignore all things that don’t fit in your ideal of the day. They will tell you that you need a lot of things that you don’t need. (This will help you spend less money on the wedding, too, which can then be put towards your honeymoon)3. The most important thing is for you & Liz to have an awesome time on the day of your wedding – all those little details that seemed so important will not matter on that day. Try and remember that ahead of time (which, I will admit, is not always easy), as it will help in the fight against the unnecessary.4. I used the talents and skills of friends and family and am so glad that I did – I know you guys know a lot of creative people so I’m sure you’ll be able to have a fabulously beautiful wedding with their help.5. Have fun! If you’re not having fun, step back and forget about the planning for a bit. Everything will get done, everything will work out.Okay, that was more than I was planning on writing. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more advice from me – I love giving advice. :)Good luck!Camellia

    camellia Reply

  3. I believe my parents went to Reno and eloped.

    Cousin Ellen Reply

  4. any product or service designated for “weddings” will cost you at least 50% more than the same service NOT designated as “wedding.” so… buy a cake knife, not a wedding cake knife! Stu’s gonna shoot this, right?!?!

    ben Reply

  5. I’m debating calling the wedding “my mom’s anniversary party”? heh There has to be some sneaky way to get around these price hikes?!

    liz Reply

  6. As someone who’s done a bit of work in the wedding industry (specifically bridal accessories), take some time to shop around. The whole thing is geared to shove a bunch of WAY overpriced things at you and tell you that you MUST have them or you don’t love one another. They’re also banking on the idea that you’ll be too stressed and emotional to be thinking about it rationally. Never buy anything for the wedding on the first go–always take a day or two (or more, if time allows) to think about it and see what your options are. If you can avoid telling people that the services you require are for a wedding, you’ll save a ton–especially on flowers. Good luck!

    Mellzah Reply

  7. This is all great advice. Thanks!And don’t hesitate to add more. :)

    liz Reply

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