But I Don’t *FEEL* Fabulous…

I’m seeing double here – FOUR Suze Ormans!

Actually, I’m a bit embarrassed to be posting this up here. First off, the title of this book makes me cringe. It’s mostly due to the Fabulous descriptor, as that’s not really a word I ever use to describe myself or… well, anything at all, really.

Next, it’s Suze’s facial expression. Everytime I pick up the book and see her on the cover, I can’t help but hear her say “Yeah!” in my head. It’s just there.

I’ve been working for a good while now. And while I don’t have as much saved up as I could have had I been a bit more financially disciplined these last years… I’m not what I would classify as “broke.” I’m markedly better off that the audience that Orman is targeting. And as for however much I’ll make fun of this book’s title and the cover… Suze Orman really knows her stuff.

Even before our decision to get married, Liz and I had made plans to get a better handle on our finances. And since I feel I’m pretty ignorant on most things financial (all money talk just tends to stress me out), this book seemed like a good primer.

Liz owned a copy, and I decided to buy my own. I know it seems a bit reckless to spend money to purchase a second copy of a book we already own, but I wanted my own copy to read and to write in. Liz and I are now talking finances once a week, and each week we agree to do a set number of things (list out recurring expenses, list of all our existing assets, etc). Also on that list is for each of us to read and discuss 2 chapters of this book.

So far I’ve learned some neat things about building a good credit history, and about my FICO score. And while the chapter on starting a career isn’t as relevant to me… I do like her particular view/philosophy on work. She’s of the mind that you should pursue whatever it is that makes you happiest, even if it means going in to debt temporarily to do so.

I’ll likely be reading this book over the following weeks, and perhaps even trying to sneak some reading time to/from work on the train. I’ll be super self-conscious, as I don’t really care to be seen with this book cover in public. But the information inside is good, and it’s all stuff I need to learn. By all means, if you spot me on the train with this… feel free to make fun of me, and tell me how fabulous I am.

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  1. I think you’re fabulous. So there!

    Alex Reply

  2. drink the khool-aid, felix… suze loves you… you’re fabulous.

    ben Reply

  3. I’m pretty much an expert on being fabulous, so if you have any questions about your newfound fabulousness, I’d be happy to answer them.

    chris Reply

  4. F#ck Suze Orman. If you truly want to be a shotcaller, buy a copy of “Learn to Earn” by Peter Lynch and “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” by John Bogle. Unlike other guys who pimp their own products/companies, these guys give you the true basics on investing and spell it out in a way you can easily digest. 401K’s, work and debt are for suckers.

    Anthony Reply

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