I Want You to Want Me: Online Dating Visualization

Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar recently launched I Want You to Want Me, a fantastic visualization of snippets from online dating profiles.

Similar to their previous work (We Feel Fine), this is fascinating, captivating stuff. Though there are only screenshots available on the site, there’s a YouTube video I’ve posted (below). The real interface/piece is on display at MoMA currently.

Take some time to explore more of Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar’s work. Harris in particular, has a ton of really great projects that you can simply get lost in.

All this fun with info and motion makes me smile. And it also makes me think of all that data out there, statistics and text and images and video. Projects like this are inspiring to me – seeing stuff like this makes me want to hole up in the office with a pot of coffee, and to try to come up with a data-based project of my own. [via]

We Feel Fine
6 Billion Others

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