Wedding Planning: Reception Recon

Part of the plan today was to go out and about, scouting potential places for our wedding reception. Liz had a few spots picked out, and so we hopped in the car and headed to a few areas to do some recon.

The first spot was the South Shore Cultural Center, just off of Lake Shore Drive. It had a really nice entryway, leading up the building itself.

Inside, it was pretty spacious and enormous. The whole time walking around, I kept thinking of a mansion somewhere in the South.

On walking into one of the side ballrooms, Liz and I were both pretty taken aback. We really liked this room in particular.

Walking outside, along the lake. I’m a sucker for shots of birdhouses againt the sky

Fast forward a bit to the Garfield Park Conservatory. We happened to see some tables being set up for a reception.

Outside, I spotted some pots and had to pull out the camera.

Same shot, from a slightly different angle.

I had never been outside before, and we found a great little patio/porch area. This is the view looking out, with the actual Conservatory directly behind us. There’s lots of green ahead, along with a small pond to the left. Walking around, we saw a ton of little paths that would be great for our guests to wander on.

Liz, checking out some of the grounds near the patio.

We hit up a few other places today, but the Cultural Center and the Conservatory were on the top of our list. Next steps: getting some questions together, and setting up some appointments to find out more info.

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  1. “I had never been outside before”–way to make yourself sound like an asylum patient, Felix. ;)

    Mellzah Reply

  2. That’s what I get for rushing through an entry, and trying to write it in 5 minutes. :PAnd honestly… my aslyum days are long behind me. I’m doing much better now!

    avoision Reply

  3. that’s purty

    ben Reply

  4. Where is the ballroom with the pink ceiling?

    RC Reply

  5. The ballroom with the pink ceiling is at the South Shore Cultural Center. If you walk in the main doors and head immediately to the left, it’s the final room at the end. It’s incredibly spacious, and quite beautiful.

    avoision Reply

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