Cassette From My Ex – Listen to Other People’s Mix Tapes

While surfing around on MetaFilter, I found a link to Cassette From My Ex, a site that gathers up the mix-tapes from ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that we simply haven’t been able to toss into the trash.

In addition to stories from each contributor, the tapes themselves have been digitized and are available for you to listen to in full. This to me, is a brilliant idea… and immediately made me think of the mix tape or two I’ve got tucked away somewhere, in a plastic storage bin.

On checking out the folks behind the project, lo and behold it turns out Jason Bitner (co-founder of Found Magazine) is the guy responsible for the site.

I know Jason mostly through Dave and Justin, and the last time I saw him was… man, ages ago, back when they had the last Dirty Found show (WARNING: prior link NSFW). He’s been in town a few times since, but I don’t know that our paths have crossed.

I shot him an email, say congrats, and asking a few specifics about the project. Here’s what I got back:

Yeah, the idea just kind of came to me one day, and I knew that everyone has one of these somewhere.¬† Maybe in a shoebox or in parents’ basements, but we tend to hold onto them.¬† I’ve never been able to toss the few I have […]

As far as the mp3s go, I’m mindful, but not terribly concerned.¬† I mean, these are 45 minute files that started as vinyl transferred to cassette to digital.¬† Certainly not the best sound quality.¬† They’re really intended to be supporting info for the stories, and less the primary content.¬† That said, if someone complains, I’d be happy to take them down…

Take a look (and listen) at the project. There’s an incredible sense of nostalgia I get, just even looking at the different cassette tapes themselves. It’s an instant reminder almost, a way to jump back a good 10+ years into the past. In looking around, I felt a little happy and a little sad, all at the same time.

Definitely wishing I had a cassette player now.

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  1. this is yet another brilliant idea from those fellas. Checked out the site and read quite a bit, but didn’t actually listen to anything.

    ben Reply

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