Chris’ Birthday Dinner @ Ethiopian Diamond

To celebrate Chris’ birthday, Leslie got a bunch of his friends together for a big group dinner over at Ethiopian Diamond.

I’ve only had it once (ages ago, back when I was a grad student in Columbus, OH) but really liked the experience. It was a very communal thing, with everyone eating together even more directly than, say, Spanish tapas or Chinese Dim Sum. Everyone’s getting down and dirty using the same platter.

Sadly, as much as I was looking forward to Ethiopian food, Liz and I weren’t able to partake all that much. We’re back on South Beach, and were a few days of finishing Phase 1 (where we can’t really eat any kind of wheat/grains). Which is, like, 50% of the deliciousness of Ethiopian food.

For those who might not have had Ethiopian food before, it’s typically a series of dishes served on a large platter – and on top of Injera bread (a spongey, pancake-like bread). What’s great about this approach is that everyone eats off of the same plate, and the juices/flavors from the dishes soak in to the bed of Injera below.

Traditionally, Injera is also served on the side, and diners tear a small piece off, using that to sample the particular dish they’re interested in. It’s messy, and oh so much fun (to say nothing of delicious).

It’s been a while since I’ve broken out the camera – so much so that the process feels a little foreign to me now. I took a few quiet photos looking to my right…

and to my left.

A sample platter that Liz and Dave and I shared.

Chris, getting himself some Injera.

How Ethiopian food is eaten: a small bit of Injera, used to gather up food, and then popped into the mouth.

Or, in my case, a small bit of Injera that’s used to gather up food and then promptly set back down like an uneaten taco shell. It was tough to not eat any of it, but… all part of trying to be good, and to stay on the diet.

A nice night of hanging out with friends, talking and eating (sorta) Ethiopian food. It’s been too long since I’ve been on a big group meal adventure… there needs to be more of these.

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