Rock Paper Scissors Tournament: Trophy Unveiled

Ben, in his pursuit to become, like, the BEST_TROPHY_FINDER_EVER… has outdone himself. He’s starting up a Rock Paper Scissors tourney at the office, with a $2 entry fee. Winner gets $20, bragging rights, and… you guessed it: a nice, fancy trophy.

We’ve had a good history of trophies at the company (The Lord and Master Stein™, The Pingmaster Trophy). And today makes me think that one day, we will be an office filled with ridiculous trophies, one per person.

I can only hope such a day arrives.

We like our games here. We like a bit of friendly competition. There’s also been a history of using Rock Paper Scissors as a means to determine who has to do “grunt” work.

A closeup of the fantastic trophy. I covet this. I want this. Possibly because it’s a symbol of skill and mastery… possibly because it would be a great place to store my olive oil. In either event, I want.

Time to start that pre-game intensive training. Good ol’ rock. Nothing beats rock.

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