Lunch with Liz @ The Art Institute

Yesterday Liz mentioned going out to lunch, and we decided on spending our lunch hour together at the Art Institute… in the fountain area next to the building. It’s a favorite spot of ours, and we were able to sit down right at the spot where I proposed to her.

This time around, the gates are open. No more sneaking in through the bushes!

With more green and more people, it’s a lot nicer looking now than a few months back. While we showed up near a busy time (1PM), there weren’t a ton of folks. There were a lot, but there were enough open spaces all around that finding a spot wasn’t terribly problematic.

Again, I’m more surprised this place isn’t jam packed every single day.

View of the spot where I asked a fairly important question.

At the far end of the fountain, other folks lounging around and enjoying lunch.

Across the way, folks eating and reading.


Near the end of our lunch, the place cleared out a great deal. This was around 1:45 PM, and a lot of the crowd had dispersed (my back is to the fountain in this shot).

A small little thing I noticed and liked – one of the nearby tree branches was dipping low, and positioned in the path of one of the fountain streams. I was thinking a lot about water, and why we (as a species) tend to find ourselves so drawn to it – oceans, rivers, ponds, fountains, swimming pools. On seeing this branch, I was reminded that almost all things are drawn to water, me included.

If you’re near downtown Chicago in the summertime, I highly suggest taking a small break and spending a few quiet moments in this area next to the Art Institute. I left my work and my emails and my to-do lists in the office, and when I got back… magically, the world hadn’t ended, things didn’t fall apart. Stepping away from the computer once in a while… now there’s a novel concept.

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