Dear Tony: Found Letters, California Blue Line Stop

I found a series of photocopied letters, sitting in a group on a bench at the California Blue Line Stop. On walking by, I saw a guy sort of leaning over them, head cocked to one side, reading a few lines. As I approached, he walked away… and naturally, I went to go see what he was staring at.

A few things to note. It’s not a four page letter… it’s more like three different letters, grouped together. Also, one of the letters is NSFW.

Finally – I feel a little weird about reposting the letters here. They seem like fairly personal things, but I guess this is one of those dilemmas regarding found objects. They provide this glimpse into a very private world, and it’s often those absences or missing contexts that make found objects like this that much more enjoyable.

Ultimately, I guess I don’t feel so weird that it prevents me from posting the photos here, for all to see. The fact that they were all photocopies helps with that decision.

Letter 1, Page 1
Letter 1, Page 2
Letter 3
Letter 4

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  1. i have a theory about where this came from. Im a runner for a law firm and you see this type of stuff in evidence quite a lot.

    brad Reply

  2. Interesting! What does a “runner for a law firm” do, exactly? Are you primarily responsible for transporting sensitive documents to/from court?Thinking of these as evidence makes a bit more sense to me now. Although now I’m almost more curious as to context and backstory.It’s a mixed bag with things like this – finding something mysterious and just never getting the closure you need.

    avoision Reply

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