Josh and His Tall Bike, Logan Square

Liz and I met Josh outside the local Starbucks on California and Logan. As we were walking in, I saw his fantastic bike parked up against the fence. On our way out… I saw him standing nearby, smoking a cigarette.

I ended up walking by, stopped, turned around, and talked to him a bit about his bike. I found out that tall bikes have a history – going back to the days when gas lamps lined the streets. Tall bikes were needed so that the person going around could reach/light each lamp, before moving on to the next.

My ongoing assumption was that, in order to get going on one of these bikes… you needed to be near a wall or a fence or a post of some kind. Josh told me that it’s incredibly difficult to get going from a dead stop, and that typically the best way was to have a little momentum first.

In talking with him, he was really nice, and incredibly patient with answering all my questions. He was also cool with me filming how he actually got “on” the bicycle:

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  1. Here’s what I think…its a cool bike 2 ride i will like 2 make 1 sooni had a swing bike

    adrian Reply

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