Getting Caught Up on ‘Heroes’

For the past week or so, Liz and I have been watching old episodes of Heroes on DVD. Neither one of us had seen it before, and we started with the first disc from Season One.

Needless to say, we got sucked in pretty quickly. I known Bryan and Ben were both pretty into the show, a while ago. While we hung out with some family earlier in the day, Liz and I spent our evening hanging out binging out on some episodes.

In fact, we got through the actual DVDs we rented… and turned to NetFlix to continue watching. Thanks to Ben, I learned that Netflix members can “stream” certain movies/shows and watch them online. I think the actual number of hours is equal to how much you spend per month ($18 per month = 18 hours of streamed content). You need a PC to view the content, but since I installed Parallels on Liz’s mac… problem solved.

Or rather – problem created, as we now have a lot more access to this show.

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  1. ONE of these days, I am going to help get you & Liz hooked on Lost. I always hear a lot of comparisons between that and Heroes.

    Allison Reply

  2. dood, you can also stream them through (and with some firefox adblock magic not have to deal with the ads). Shit, I just presented a paper on Heroes.In geekitude,jesseca

    Anonymous Reply

  3. Also, as a fan of both Lost and Heroes, I have to say I think Lost is better. It feels a bit more layered. All four seasons of Lost are available in high def streaming on ABC’s website. is what I call a poor girl’s TiVo.~jesseca

    Anonymous Reply

  4. I did check out Hulu, but all they have are Season 2 episodes. We’re trying to finish out the rest of Season 1 (on the Finale right now).Lost, eh? That’s another of those shows (like The Wire) that I’m worried about getting sucked into. The stakes seem particularly high for Lost. From what I hear, it’s either this fantastically well-crafted, intricate story… or it’s all just random craziness strung together, cliff-hanger-style.

    avoision Reply

  5. Actually, in a surprisingly selfless move, Netflix has opened up unlimited streaming to subscribers. My work has suffered accordingly.

    Pete Reply

  6. Really? Wow! That’s totally news to me. Glad I no longer have to worry about “counting” hours now, for streamed stuff. Thanks!In related Netflix news… I guess they’re getting rid of Profiles/Queues.

    avoision Reply

  7. Ah, I was just looking into the Roku! I have a ton of questions, but most importantly… what’s the quality like? Regular TV? I’m assuming it’s not quite at DVD or HD quality (yet). I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Netflix is ramping up for HD content, and that Roku will eventually be able to stream that… but that it’s still pending.If I get unlimited streaming, this is totally worth the $100.

    avoision Reply

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