Hedgehog Launch: The Goggles, They Do Nothing…

State Assembly of Minovia Cay

June 23, 1987

Dear Loyal Citizen:

Your background in the physical sciences has more than qualified you to participate in Minovia’s space program. Given that we are already nearly half a century behind the rest of the world in space exploration it makes sense that we start it immediately. We have hand-selected you from our island population of 15,000 citizens to take part in this patriotic manner.

Given the budget shortfall this year, we have only been given $50.00 to fund this whole program. once we can prove that space exploration is possible to some of the more skeptical board members we will be granted a larger budget. The jet stream should hit the Caribbean in a matter of months so speed is critical.

We need you to send our national mascot into space… more precisely the Minovia Hedgehog. They are durable and plentiful around here and they should be a patriotic mark on our space travel program.

Good luck.

Forest Van Brown
President of Minovia Cay

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