Liz’s Third Fondant Cake: Jake’s Birthday

For Jake’s birthday, Liz decided to make another fondant cake (her third). This time around, she was working on a two-tiered chocolate cake. All in all, the entire process was a pretty lengthy, multi-day ordeal, as she had to bake the cakes, then apply the frosting, then create (and place) the fondant. I think she got started on Thursday evening, and was finishing things up until we were about to leave for the party on Saturday.

The cake, in its early stages. Already covered in frosting, and then covered with a layer of fondant… this is an early shot, as Liz is preparing some of the additional details/decorations.

Front view of the cakes.

These are technically flower patterns, but Liz ended up stacking a ton of them together, one on top of another…

to create mini-trees.

This shot is a bit washed out, but after a lot of playing with fondant… a lot of trees and rocks.

The final product – side view.

Looking at the cake from the front. I was pretty amazed to see everything combined together, all the scenery added to make this great themed cake. Jake really enjoys the outdoors, and this seemed like an entirely appropriate cake for his birthday.

I’m still in awe. I can’t believe that this is only Liz’s third fondant cake.

This I thought, was a nice touch – Jesse Falls.

And, of course, a trail path made out of shaved chocolate. Aptly-entitled Tus Trail.

Detail view of the rocks/water.

Another detail view of the trail.

I didn’t get a ton of photos from the cookout at Jake and Jesse’s, but snagged this shot of all the food (prior to things getting started). We had a fun night of hanging out in the backyard, sinking beers, telling stories… and digging in to some damn fine cake. Happy birthday, Jake!


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