Liz’s Fourth Fondant Cake: Floral Design

Liz spent the evening working on a fourth fondant cake. She had extra batter left over from Jake’s birthday cake, and made an extra one to “practice” on. Needless to say, the notion of “practice” cakes is something I wholeheartedly encourage.

A table full of tools.

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Icing colors.

All finished! In Liz’s own words, this cake was “super girly.” She was also happy with the way the icing came out – the lines around the base of the layers (I think it’s called “piping”).

Side view of the flowers.

Top view.

Detail view.

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  1. I was NOT happy with the way the icing came out. It’s a bit too neon pink for my taste. (This cake will mark the last time I work in a poorly lit area.)

    Liz Reply

  2. Holy geez those roses are really cool. I am impressed, it’s tasty and a work of art. This is something I want to learn to do. I’m a big fan of the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes show and they do some amazing things with this magical substance fondant.

    Justin Reply

  3. I am super impressed! Kol Ha Kavod*, Liz. *literally, “All the respect/honor.”Signed,Your contact in Jerusalem.

    Rachel Reply

  4. this roses are nice and fondant cake

    idowu taiwo Reply

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