Hot Asian Buns

Justin is back in town visiting, and tonight I finally got a copy of a photo he took, almost half a year ago.

Prior to his leaving for India, a bunch of us at work went out to lunch with him downtown. We went to a place called Wow Bao, and specialized in the traditional Chinese “steamed bun.”

Of course, the inevitable photo took place:

It’s Funny Cause It’s True

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  1. When I tried to look at your site just now, it wouldn’t load. I wonder if you are getting tons of traffic from people who want to look at your Hot Asian Buns.

    juliet Reply

  2. Best. Picture. Ever.

    Mellzah Reply

  3. This is really funny because at first upon loading the page it only showed the sign, which I thought to myself ‘This is funny, but I think I’ve snickered at the words “Hot Asian Buns” every time I see it on a Chinese take-out menu. Funny but not funny funny. Then I scrolled down and saw the dude pointing at his succulent buns. That’s funny funny.

    patty Reply

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