Calling the Kettle… Black

Still feeling a bit under the weather, I put the kettle on the stove with the hopes of making some tea. And then promptly forgot about it. About 45 minutes later, I walked back in to find… this:

It’s Liz’s kettle that I ruined, and to make things worse it’s one of her favorite colors (she has a ton of appliances that match). Ugh.

It’s been a while since I’ve left something unattended like this. At least the last time, I have the excuse of being drunk. This time around… I just spaced out. Jeez.

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  1. :( Poor little tea kettle.Do I detect a conspiracy brewing against the teal….

    Liz Reply

  2. You just “antiqued” it!

    Sprocket Reply

  3. I did what Time does… only faster!

    avoision Reply

  4. Keep telling yourself that!

    liz Reply

  5. I think you can get that black stuff off. Try a little Brillo. Or one of those Magic Erasers.

    juliet Reply

  6. The outside stuff does come off, but the inside is the bigger issue. There wasn’t a lot of water when I put this guy on the stove, and it basically sat on a high flame for like an hour. The inside is discolored, and just isn’t quite the same anymore.

    avoision Reply

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