Good Intentions, Bad Communication

When I met Liz on the walk home yesterday, I saw that she was carrying a bag in her hand. When I asked about what she bought, turned out she had gone to Macy’s and actually found the kettle in the store. She had looked online yesterday at, and didn’t see it anywhere. She had also checked eBay as well… so this was a particularl stroke of luck.

Here’s the thing: this would have been great news HAD I NOT ALREADY PURCHASED ONE ONLINE, EARLIER IN THE DAY.

This morning, I did some digging and found a direct link on Macy’s (and also found it available on Amazon). It turned out to be slightly cheaper to get it via Amazon (they only had one item left), so I ordered it with expedited shipping… hoping it would arrive before the week was out.

I was hoping to wait to surprise her, only to see her after work with a new kettle… and to be surprised myself.

Later on at home, I sent an email to Amazon, trying to see if I could cancel my order (it hadn’t shipped yet). I ended up getting an email back saying that there had only been one of the kettles left… and it was no longer available. And furthermore, the item had since been discontinued, so it couldn’t be backordered.

So – not only did we almost end up buying two kettles, but it’s possible that Liz purchased the very kettle I was trying to buy online.

Lots of back and forth, but hey – we’ve got a new kettle now. Who wants some tea?

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