Everyone… Meet Baby Audrey

Liz’s sister Tricia has been expecting her baby the past week or so, and today was her due date. Liz got the call in the late morning that Tricia and gone in to the hospital (around 11AM)… and within an hour or two, the baby had already arrived!

After work, Liz picked me up and we headed over to visit Tricia, Darryl, Paige, and the new baby Audrey.

Julie (Liz and Tricia’s mom), holding Audrey up to her sister Paige.

Closeup of baby Audrey – so pink and so cute!

Julie, Liz and Audrey.

Closeup of Liz and Audrey.

Me, holding Audrey.

A cute pic of Paige, with her new “big sister” shirt.

A small aside/tangent. This is one of Liz’s recent projects: a baby bib for Jackson, complete with a velcro flap that allows you to attach a binkie to the trunk. How awesome is this guy? Liz brought it to give to her dad, so he could take it back to Jackson.

The official stats.

Julie, with Tricia and Audrey. Check out those tiny, tiny feet!

Three generations: Julie, Paige, Tricia and Audrey.

Daddy Darryl, holding Audrey.

Kirt (Liz and Tricia’s dad), who by a stroke of luck and a last-minute business trip, ended up being in Chicago at just the right time.

Liz and I got to stay late (the hospital was nice, and didn’t kick people out after official visiting hours). We were actually the last ones there, as we arrived a bit later in the evening. We hung out until a little after 10PM, and I got to spend a great deal of time just holding Audrey and watching her sleep.

Congratulations, Tricia and Darryl! And welcome, baby Audrey. We’re all so looking forward to spending more time with you.

Welcome, Paige!

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