Office Construction: Cube Buildout

Lots of changes today! We had a small crew in to the office, installing a ton of new desks/cubicles near the Affiliates, they built out the remaining open offices, and brought with them a little furniture.

At long last, we have a seating area near the front desk. Gone are the days where prospective hires would have to stand around awkwardly, waiting for their interview. Chris helps test out the new seating, across from Margaret.

And speaking of changes – Margaret will cease to man the front desk pretty soon. Last Friday, she was officially promoted to Sales Marketing Coordinator, which is pretty great news. While she’s done a great job being the first/public face of Emmis Interactive, it was clear to everyone that her skills far exceeded her prior position.

An empty office – and specifically, the one that used to serve as the “Stand-Up Meeting” room for the developers.

The open area near the Affiliate Support crew, filled with boxes and materials.

That same area, at the end of the day.

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