Flash Games Trifecta: Totem Destroyer, Pandemic II and Fantastic Contraption

I’ve been meaning to post these games for the past week, but something else always came up. So now, I’m going to combine all three into one. I’ve lost a lot of time between each, so I hope you’ll lose a little as well.

Totem Destroyer
is a really fun game where you have to destroy a set number of blocks (while ultimately trying to keep the golden idol from touching the ground). There’s some great gravity/bounce code work going on in this one.

There are some unexpected victories sometimes, but just a lot of fun overall. [via]

Pandemic II
is a weird game. Your goal is to create a disease that spreads globally, infects everyone, and wipes out the entire population. Harder than it sounds, actually, as your disease needs to stay out of the visible public spotlight long enough to take hold.

There are lots of attributes that you can adjust throughout the game, but it’s mostly a matter of watching numbers and keeping an eye on the map. In a weird way, I found this game incredibly compelling. There was this slow addictive quality to it that I can’t quite pin down. Akin to watching a fuse and fireworks in slow motion video – there’s a lot happening, but it takes a while to see it all. [via]

Fantastic Contraption
is a physics-based puzzle game that lets you create your own machines. Move a block to the designated area using any combination of wheels and rods as you see fit.

This game was particularly fun because there wasn’t any set design/method. Sometimes small, elegant combinations did the job; othertimes, the most ridiculous, overly complex combinations did (surprisingly) well.

The biggest part of the fun is the feeling of “maybe… maybe… maybe…” when your contraption almost makes it over. [via]

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