Hey… Nice Rack!

Jeff, installing the new server rack that just came in.

We’re upgrading our local environment, particularly our local staging/testing environment. In order to have a true staging environment for us to test on, we needed to purchase a new set of servers to more accurately mirror our production environment.

This has been talked about for a long while, and it’s totally exciting to see that it’s finally being set up. This is a pretty huge deal for the Dev team, and I probably don’t even fully understand the full ramifications of what this will mean for us, company-wise. All I know is – it’s a great thing for our Dev folks, and it’ll be great to finally have a more accurate Staging environment to work on.

A glimpse of all the new servers to be installed.

While looking around the server room, I was asking Jeff a lot of questions along the lines of “What’s that machine there?” and “Can I unplug this?” and “Why do these wires taste funny?” Most of what’s in here, I’m clueless about… so it was cool to get the official walkthrough, and all the details.

Which… I then promptly forgot. I don’t recall what these guys were. Our phone system at the top maybe, and then our Internet, and then our firewall? This could also just be one very large, expensive battery – I’m not 100% sure.

Behind the scenes, on the other side. Look at all those things we’re plugging into this battery!

Seriously though, cool to peek in to Jeff and Derry’s world a bit, and to see all the new developments happening.

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  1. Speaking of “racks” (lol) these look somewhat similar to the type of equipment you will find at a cell site. (Bunker type space rooms that contain all the switching/monitoring equipment attached to a cell tower.)If y’all are increasing your heat load in your computer/server room, I hope management has accounted for this and has increased their AC cooling capacity at the same time.

    Sprocket Reply

  2. The caption above that picture of Jeff makes that image all the more suggestive. I mean, even the way he’s… holding that server rack. Totally caught in the act.

    chris Reply

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