Wedding Reception Recon – Maxim’s: The Nancy Goldberg International Center

During lunch earlier this week, Liz and I had an appointment to check out Maxim’s, a potential spot for our wedding reception.

The location is actually underground, and the entrance begins with a winding staircase. We learned that they’re currently re-upholstering everything… which is good news for us.

The main foyer (at the base of the staircase).

Looking the opposite direction from the stairwell.

A view of the bar area. The lights were down most of the time, so it was pretty dark throughout the whole space.

A side view of the bar area, looking out into the open floor behind.

Open area behind the bar.

The view looking back towards the bar.

Back near the entryway, looking towards the larger dining area.

Again, pretty dark… but you get the feel. It looks so much nicer in person (compared to this crappy photo).

This is the wine room, tucked quietly behind where the stairwell is located. It’s not a large party room or anything like that, and would likely be used to “get away” temporarily if need be.

In the old days, there was only one door that granted access to this room (via the kitchen), and it had once of those mini-doors where a bouncer could open it and you’d just see their face. I can’t even imagine what this room must have been like, back during Prohibition. Some wild times, I bet.

I don’t know if anyone who’s reading this has been reading my blog long enough to remember that I visited Maxim’s a long while ago, back in 2005 for a Malcolm Gladwell reading with Justin and Chris. When Liz and I were first considering Maxim’s… it took me a while before I realized “Hey, I’ve been there before!”

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  1. i know someone who just chose maxim’s for their wedding reception next year.

    rachelle Reply

  2. It’s tough for me to tell if you’re actually referring to a friend, or if you’re implying that we’ll be having our reception there. :)

    avoision Reply

  3. oh, i didnt even think of it that way. my boyfriend’s cousin is having her wedding at maxim’s.

    rachelle Reply

  4. Ah, gotcha. And it’s the wedding itself, they’re having there or just the reception?For us, I think Maxim’s will be mostly a reception location. But it’s definitely tops on the list for us, as the feel of that space is pretty spectacular. Add to the ambiance the fact that you can use your own caterers and bring in your own alcohol… that’s pretty huge (and rare for a Chicago venue).

    avoision Reply

  5. just the reception will be at maxim’s

    rachelle Reply

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