Off to Indianapolis

Took the day off work today, and going to head back to Indy with Liz to visit the family. Lots of my family are converging to help celebrate my grandma’s birthday, so it should be a pretty event-packed weekend.

The fast-paced excitement that is I-65 awaits!

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  1. Jazzy with the fork is a great shot. I like the hair net one of you too. Does it bring back memories of Noble Roman’s?

    Cousin Andrew Reply

  2. Ah, Noble Roman’s pizza. I haven’t thought about that in YEARS. You know, some days I do miss tossing pizza dough up in the air.That job turned me off of breadsticks forever, though. Now that I know what they’re actually made of (old pizza dough that’s just chopped up), I can’t look at them the sam way.

    avoision Reply

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