Happy 97th Birthday, Grandma Jung!

To celebrate my grandma’s 97th birthday, we all gathered back at… you guessed it – my parents’ restaurant, Shen Yang. At every place setting, there was this small poem.

Prior to eating we all posed for photos, family by family.

David and cousin Ellen, who runs her own blog over at Polarchip.

Cousin Jenny, who got us in to see the Coca-Cola bottling plant.

David and Allison, geeking out with the Rubik’s cube.

Grandma’s cake (without 97 candles).

Everyone gathering about to light the candles.

I just liked this image of my grandma, with the huge knife in her hand.

Mia, helping to cut the cake.

And then Mia, taking a little taste as payment for her help.

Jasmine, realizing it’s ok to sneak a taste, does so.

Possibly my favorite image from the whole weekend.

For our gift, Liz spent a tremendous amount of time (weeks) creating three hand-made hankerchiefs. I took a few photos before we wrapped things up.

My closeups don’t really do these justice – the detail on them was pretty incredible.

Not sure how to spell it, but this is a sashay/sache. It’s a fourth hand-made hankerchief, but folded to hold lavender (and smells great).

Amped up on sugar, the younger nieces and nephews sort of took over the whole gift-opening process. For some reason, the gifts themselves weren’t the fun part… it was taking the wrapping paper, and handing it to me as “trash” that they just seemed to love.

Grandma Jung, next to all her presents. Happy Birthday, Ma-Ma!

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  1. so many gems in this post. Firstly, that photo of your grandma next to all the presents is awesome. In many of the photos her eyes are overflowing with life.On another note, those handkerchiefs are freaking ridiculous. Is there anything that Liz can’t do?

    ben Reply

  2. I think my grandma had a pretty good time at her birthday party (despite some of the nieces and nephews getting a little overzealous in their gift-opening frenzy). It was definitely great to have everyone back together again, hanging out in one spot.And yeah, Liz is totally making me look bad. When she has free time, she makes stuff like those handkerchiefs. Me, I sit around and play Grand Theft Auto IV. She needs to stop being so awesomely productive.

    avoision Reply

  3. maybe you can include some kind of clause like “no awesome productivity” in a pre-nup?

    ben Reply

  4. How wonderfully fortunate your family is to have so many years together. :)

    Mellzah Reply

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