My New Office

There’s been a considerable amount of moving about in the office, ever since we had some new cubes installed. One of the biggest changes for me is that… I now have my own office.

I got promoted back in February, and that was a pretty interesting/big shift for me at the time. Still is, actually. And today was a pretty big shift as well, as I’ll now be officially “off the floor” so to speak.

Ben has since moved from this office, over to the one next door. Hard to believe it’s just been 14 months since we moved in. It’s neat to look back a bit at those moving day pictures, to look at both my desk then and my desk now.

I was only able to move my stuff over at the tail end of the day. Tomorrow should be an interesting first day, in my new office. All that’s left now is for me to bring/hide the requisite bottle of booze in a drawer somewhere, along with a tumbler or two.

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  1. Congratulations on the new work digs! I can’t tell from the photo (and how things look different on different computers) if that’s a red wall or not. Now if the photo was taken from your doorway ~ the door not “in line” with the desk then the layout is excellent feng shui!

    Sprocket Reply

  2. you stole my perfect office and you will pay for it eventually.

    ben Reply

  3. I’m sorry – I didn’t hear what you were saying. I was too busy looking out the window at my magnificent view.

    avoision Reply

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