Exploring TED Talks: On Motivation, Brain Magic and Collecting Stories

Recently, I’ve taken to watching more TED talks online. It started with a post on Lifehacker about Tony Robbins’ talk on Motiviation.

From there, I started looking around at others: Keith Barry: Brain Magic, Martin Seligman: What Positive Psychology can Help You Become, Jonathan Harris: The Art of Collecting Stories, Jaokb Trollback: Rethinking the Music Video.

Note: Jonathan Harris is the co-creator of We Feel Fine, I Want You to Want Me, and someone whose work I greatly admire.

Lately, I’ve spent some of my early morning hours (pre-work) looking over a talk or two while doing the blog. It’s become my way of relaxing a bit, as I haven’t really been watching TV all that much.

I’ll leave you with the talk that got me back on the TED site, Anthony Robbins on Motivation:

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