Chris and Leslie: Totally Married

A few weeks back, we received this pretty fantastic postcard for Chris and Leslie’s wedding. Best_Domain_Name_Ever.

Outside of the Prickly Pear in LaGrange.

Table settings near the front.

A longer wooden table (many of the Emmis Interactive folks would end up grabbing seats together here).

One of the cooler settings: two prep tables in the kitchen that were converted to dining tables.

Leslie’s bouquet.

The wedding cake. And yes, it’s fondant. I’ve now got a trained eye to spot this sort of thing.

The cake was absolutely delicious, with a fudge-based center. I had at least two pieces, and just couldn’t get enough of this thing.

This was actually less for presentation and more for utility, as this was near where the cooks were working. Gorgeous, nonetheless.

In the kitchen area, watching the chefs prepare the pear salad.

In the back, near the dance area… there was a set of stairs leading up to a small room, that then led out to the rooftop. Looking up, I spotted Eric standing near the doorway.

Prior to the meal, everyone was hanging out with drinks on the rooftop.

TJ and Erin, looking out over the ledge.

Across the street was the Metra track, and an unidentified building. Between all of us, we determined it was either a school, a minimum-security prison, or a factory. The fact that the building existing in such close proximity to a train station made us think that it probably wasn’t a prison.

A little roof ornament that caught my eye.

The boys, hanging out. L to R it’s Will, Justin, Ben and TJ.

A sneaky pic of Jane and Pete, took while they weren’t looking.

L to R it’s Eric, a dapper looking Chris Stiles, Will and Justin.

Chris and his dad.

At the dinner table – Allison and Ben (with Liz in back).

Leslie and Chris, aka Mr. and Mrs. Stiles.

Later in the evening, candles burning down to nubs.

Justin and Will. Photo taken from the rooftop, looking out over the ledge.

Candles, windowsill.

Congratulations, Chris and Leslie – what a wonderful evening. You two are totally married!

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  1. love that shot of justin and will from above. great shadows. thanks for documenting this.

    ben Reply

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