Lazy Sunday with Fables: The Good Prince

This was my Sunday afternoon. A nice, fat comic book, some coffee, and an hour or two sitting in the sun room. Mostly reading, with the occassional nap or two thrown in for good measure.

Ahh, Sundays.

I’ve been a big fan of the Fables comic series for some time now.

The first bound collection was only so-so to me. But after the second, things really took off, and I found myself hooked. I think all the characters are great, and have moved way beyond what I first thought to be rather stock, two-dimensional re-imaginings of classic fairytale characters. There’s a richness to Fables that just gets better with each new collection.

Check out the overview, and if you’re curious… you can read/view the entire first issue for free (note: the pdf is about 5MB).

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  1. I finally figured out a mystery which has puzzled me for some time now. Sometimes when I am online, my computer plays a little song. And I finally figured out, it’s when I am on your site! What is it on your page that plays a little song?! It’s about five notes long, that’s it. What the hell is that?

    juliet Reply

  2. That song is a jingle I added a few months back. Still up in the air whether I’m going to keep it or not, but it’s been running on the home page for a few months now.

    avoision Reply

  3. thanks for lending me this book yesterday. I’m nearly halfway through already and i totally agree with your take on the fables. While it started out leaning on the novelty factor, it’s now filled with rich characters and a compelling narrative. Clearly one of the best comics out there.

    ben Reply

  4. In thinking about this more, Fables does a great job at taking existing archetypes (fairy tales, a fairly common, shared point of reference), and taking a different spin, a different direction.I think that’s why I like Watchmen (it takes the superhero archetype, and sets it on its head), or even Sandman (which mixes a lot of History/Literature/Mythology). Most recently, Wanted does a ton with the superhero/supervillain thing, and really goes all out.Comics seem to have this great way of taking a known subject, approaching it from a slightly unexpected angle, and then exploring the hell out of that perspective.

    avoision Reply

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