Um… Wait… What?


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  1. …..In bed?

    Brian Reply

  2. So true, so true.

    Self Love Expert Reply

  3. Not only that, it’s the….greatest love of all.

    Anonymous Reply

  4. Maybe this is a riff on “You’re born alone, you die alone.”

    chris Reply

  5. I’m not sure what I love more – the punctuation, the fantastic line break… or the smiley faces.

    avoision Reply

  6. so when my son was born his first love was himself. Demonstrated by crying.When our lives are about to end, we’ll probably think i should have done this, i shouldn’t have done that. When my grandfather was ill, he kept asking me for water. When in hospice and thinking he was a goner, or dead, and fretted about viewing and why people were laughing as if there was a party. Is that the manifestation of last love?I do believe in the fortune from the cookie

    ***jeannie Reply

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