Erik Mongrain: Amazing Guitar Tapping Videos

I mentioned Erik Mongrain a while back on here, and last week I was browsing around my library looking for a few instrumental tracks.

Since my original post, it looks like he’s re-done his site a few times. The old links I have to his videos are all broken, and since I found a few of those videos on his YouTube page tonight and… I figured this would be a good time to share.

He’s not the first one to play guitar in this manner (I’m reminded of Jeff Healey from back in the 80’s), but I do very much like his style. I know that Mongrain plays guitar normally as well… but I’ve only really fixated on these two songs in particular. Below are PercusienFa and Airtap respectively (PercusienFa being my favorite).

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  1. Very cool stuff. Check out this vid by Stanley Jordan. Similar style. This one’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow. His Eleanor Rigby is also brilliant.

    Dan Reply

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