Gifts for Baby Audrey: Baby Blanket, Fondant Cake and Cupcakes

Today, Liz went to a baby shower for her new niece Audrey. The past few weeks, Liz has been hard at work planning both her gift as well as the cake/treats she was going to make for the event.

The gift: a baby blanket. And all hand-made, start to finish.

Closeup of one of the circles.

Another closeup.

Another closeup of the “flowers” that connect each circle/patch.

In addition to the blanket, Liz also made up a batch of cupcakes (and a cake).

A closer look at one dozen.

Zoom of on of the cupcakes (sorta makes me want to lick the screen).

Fully assembled, Liz also created a display area for the cake/cupcakes. This pic (and the ones below) were snapped by Liz at the event.

Closeup of the cake.

Top view. All those flowers? You guessed it: fondant.

Liz’s 1st Fondant Cake
Liz’s 2nd Fondant Cake: Father’s Day in Frankfort
Liz’s 3rd Fondant Cake: Jake’s Birthday
Liz’s 4th Fondant Cake: Floral Design

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  1. Liz, you are AMAZING!!! Lovely blanket and man, do the cupcakes and cake look delicious.

    Allison Reply

  2. I see fondant! :)I can’t believe she made that blanket! I thought it was an heirloom piece. She is amazing!

    Layla Reply

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