Playing Pictionary for Prizes

Liz and I went over to Allison’s place yesterday, for a few rounds of Pictionary. Little did we know that, in addition to the games, there was also a large “Prize Bag” for all the winners.

For example: A “Officially Licensed” Tupac shot glass.

As one of my prizes, I was lucky enough to get the Ritzy Rox Glamour Pen. Mostly because I didn’t settle for less.

By far the absolute best prize of the night went to Chris, who picked out the Pedestrian Turn Signal Eyeglasses.

My favorite part of the packaging is the “Signal your intentions” callout. Freakin’ fantastic.

Ben, donning the glasses and triggering both front lights to kick in the “ominous robot” look.

Ah, Pictionary. So much more fun with prizes. And uh… beer.

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