Justin Returns to Chicago: New Apartment

After a long hiatus (including a trek to India), Justin officially returned to Chicago this week and secured a fantastic apartment over in Lincoln Park.

Today, I headed over to help out a bit with moving some items that he had over in storage.

A quick peek over into one of the main rooms.

Justin and Liz, checking out the kitchen space.

Hallway past the kitchen into the back stairwell.

This was a cool little “storage” room out back, that more or less had a lot of unclaimed furniture and materials. Tons of great little pieces of furniture, and an old stepladder with rooftop access.

Rumor has it there is a stunning, unobstructed view of the city skyline. Rather than head up there today, we all decided to wait for an official party to take in the view. Can’t wait.

After moving one of the large filing cabinets he found via Craigslist, we swung over to pick up Dave for an extra set of hands. He stuck it out in the back of the car after we pretty much filled in everything around his seat.

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to tell this is Justin’s place.

The apartment is pretty fantastic, and he got a great deal on it given the space and the location.

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  1. NOW! he moves back to chicago. boooooooo =(

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