Happy 2nd Birthday, Paige!

Today there was a party for Paige’s 2nd birthday over at Tricia and Darryl’s. Prior to heading over, I took a few photos of Liz’s gift (and handiwork).

On first glance, it’s just a regular half carton of eggs.

Inside, just some eggs. Although a few eggs that seem happier than normal.

And a few chicks, too!

Closeup of one of the chickies.

The look of determination/will is what cracks me up here.

Paige, getting pretty good at opening gifts.

Wearing wings (briefly).

Who doesn’t get excited when given a ton of Dora the Explorer toys?

Paige, settling into her new (and soon to be favorite) Dora the Explorer cushy chair. Happy Birthday, Paige!

Welcome, Paige!
Paige’s 1st Birthday Party

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