CNN Concatenated: Amazingly Edited Video, by Omer Fast

A while back, I came across an art piece by Omer Fast entitled “CNN Concatenated.” It’s a stitchwork of different anchors on CNN, each speaking one word snippets.

The overall effect is both mesmerizing and super-creepy, in an Orwellian Fortune Teller sort of way. It’s a bit like found poetry, but using video.

The version below is super crappy in quality, but it’s the first version I saw. After looking on Wikipedia, apparently the full version of the piece ran some 18 minutes in length! Right now I’m trying to imagine just how long that must have taken, and just how much work editing all that required.

A better-looking, 10-minute long version of CNN Concatenated is available on YouTube (but sadly, embedding wasn’t allowed.

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